Trumpf Smart Factory

Photo © knippershelbig
© Steve Hall/Steve Hall + Nick Merrick Photographers, Chicago
Photo © knippershelbig
Photo © knippershelbig
Photo © knippershelbig
knippershelbig GmbH

The new Trumpf showroom located in Chicago showcases machines used for sheet metal processing. Accordingly, both structure and façade of the building demonstrate, in an exemplary way, the wide spectrum of possibilities for the utilization of steel.
The main hall’s roof structure consists of Vierendeel trusses, which rest upon thin stilts. The trusses consist of laser cut metal sheets and support the roof as well as a ‘skywalk’ spanning the production hall offering visitors a bird’s-eye-view of the machines.
The façade is formed of vertical double-T-beams made from Corten steel positioned on the building’s exterior. Thermally insulated spacer elements ensure a firm connection between the steel beams and the aluminum curtain wall façade. The slim appearance of the façade was achieved by transferring the wind loads to the primary steel construction.
The same applies to the minimized detailing of the parapets as well as all connections, which could be developed discretely, thus focusing on the essential, defining aspects of the building.

Trumpf Inc.

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