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Foto © Benjamin Benschneider
Foto © Benjamin Benschneider
Foto © Benjamin Benschneider
Foto © Benjamin Benschneider
Foto © Benjamin Benschneider
Foto © Benjamin Benschneider
Foto © Benjamin Benschneider

University of Washington West Campus Housing Phase I

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100 Mio. – 1 Mrd.
5–20 Stockwerke

This student housing development transforms a district of derelict apartment buildings and parking lots into a vibrant community that strengthens connection between campus and the adjacent urban neighborhood. Buildings are designed to embrace and animate the outdoor environment, offering fluidity of movement through sites and enlivening the pedestrian experience. This porosity weaves the urban experience into and through the housing facilities without sacrificing resident privacy.

The development integrates a high-volume bus stop, a designated 'green street', and street improvements for pedestrians and bicyclists to create a thriving multi-use transportation hub for the University of Washington. The vibrant streetscape is designed to foster delight and offer places to meet, linger and engage in conversation. Ground-level retail, a café, a park, and a fitness center further energize the streetscape and invite public use of the revitalized area.

The design embraces a live-learn philosophy providing students with circulation, meeting and social spaces. Thus, students are allowed space for both planned and serendipitous social, academic and civil growth. Furthermore, the project teaches new generations how to live sustainably by making green design and practice transparent, meaningful, and measured.

The project is the recipient of a 2013 National AIA Housing Award, a 2013 AIA Northwest & Pacific Region Citation Award, a 2013 SCUP Excellence in Planning Honor Award, a 2013 WoodWorks National Design Award for Multi-Story Wood Design, a 2013 Residential Architect Grand Award, a 2013 AIA Washington Council Civic Design Citation Award, a 2012 AIA Seattle Honor Award, and a 2010 AIA Seattle Unbuilt Merit Award.

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