Behnisch Architekten Magazin 02 - b/02 - 25 YEARS BEHNISCH ARCHITEKTEN

With the second issue of the Behnisch Architekten Magazine we present all the projects that have been realized since 1989 together for the first time, in the chronological order of their completion. We have supplemented our perspective with external voices, from people who have accompanied us for part of our journey. Finally our four partners, Stefan Behnisch, Robert Hösle, Robert Matthew Noblett and Stefan Rappold, gave their own personal insight into what brought them to Behnisch Architekten.

Publisher: fmo-publishers.com, 2014
ISBN 978-3-937934-07-5
Language: German/English

Behnisch Architekten Magazin 01 - b/01 - WOHNVIELFALT / DIVERSITY OF LIVING

A central focus of this first issue is the investigation of very different forms of living. This includes a look at luxury living in Hamburg’s harbor, middle-class housing in Karlsruhe, and public, social housing in Ingolstadt, as well as private residences in and around the park in Kolbermoor. Roland Pawlitschko, an architectural journalist from Munich, has compiled many thoughts on these very different forms of housing for us and shares the results of a recent discussion he conducted with the partners. This Magazine is a summary, an overview, of what has motivated us during the past two years; what we have achieved, accomplished, and completed.

Publisher: fmo-publishers.com, 2013
ISBN 978-3-937934-05-1
Language: German/English

Hochschule Ulm - Sanierung Campus Prittwitzstraße 1999-2012

The original design for the “Fachhochschule für Technik” (Ulm Engineering School) in Ulm was completed in 1960-63 by Behnisch & Partner. The project, awarded to the firm based on the 1958 first prize competition entry, was highly innovative in its use of modern prefabricated concrete systems. In 2004, after 41 years of continuous occupancy, section E, B, as well as the Auditorium of the campus buildings were completely renovated by Behnisch Architekten to meet the University’s changing needs and to generally bring the buildings’ systems up-to-date and in-line with current technology.

Publisher: Ministerium für Finanzen und Wirtschaft Baden-Württemberg, 2012
Concept/Layout: raumkontakt, Karlsruhe
Language: German
Note: only available through Ministerium für Finanzen und Wirtschaft Baden-Württemberg / www.mfw.baden-wuerttemberg.de

Behnisch Architekten - by Gianluigi Mondaini and Matteo Zambelli

The book by Gianluigi Mondaini and Matteo Zambelli analyzes the architecture of Behnisch Architekten through five paradigms to explain the approach to the project and the spatial research.

Publisher: Edilstampa, Roma, 2012
ISBN 987-8878640948
Language: Italian

RE-USE - Sanierung Modernisierung Umbau Erweiterung / Refurbishment Modernization Transformation Extension

This booklet is concerned with the increasing number of building commissions we have been awarded in recent years. These projects also represent a large part of the construction tasks and challenges that will confront us as architects in the future. Involved here are aspects such as modernization and refurbishment, the reinstatement of the characteristic features of listed buildings, and the conversion and extension of historical or simply older structures.

Publisher: Behnisch Architekten, 2011
Language: German / English
Note: only available through Behnisch Architekten

Behnisch Architekten - Bauten für die Bildung / Buildings for education

The booklet is designed to illustrate the development from the schools of Günter Behnisch / Behnisch & Partner in the fifties and sixties to the Behnisch Architekten buildings for education and research today.

Publisher: Behnisch Architekten, 2009
Language: German / English

Behnisch Architekten - Portfolio by Falk Jaeger

The renowned author Falk Jaeger presents a selection of the firm’s projects from 1996 to 2009 and portrays its partners in the Stuttgart, Munich, Boston and Los Angeles offices. An interview with the architects provides additional insight into the firm’s philosophy and working method.

Publisher: jovis-Verlag, Berlin, 2009
ISBN 978-3-989633-83-9
Language: German / English

Ecology.Design.Synergy - Behnisch Architekten + Transsolar CimateEngineering

Given the realization that supplies of available raw materials are finite, it is becoming increasingly evident that only innovative solutions - and this is equally true for architecture and urban planning - can achieve urgently needed reductions in energy and resource. This joint exhibition by Behnisch Architekten and Transsolar ClimateEngineering, together with its accompanying catalogue, features pioneering developements in these areas. Designed with a broad international public in mind, it will hopefully be through-provoking while raising awareness of these pressing issues. The exhibition is a cooperation with the ifa -Institut für Auslandsbeziehungen relations and the forum of architecture Aedes. The curator Frank Ockert illustrates that a sensitive and responsible approach to the built environment is not only a matter for experts, but for each individual person.

Publisher: AEDES and the authors, 2006
Language: English

Behnisch Architekten - Stuttgart | Los Angeles

In the course of their fifty-year history, the Behnisch offices have shown a continued commitment to formal audacity in the service of a progressive social agenda. In the last fifteen years, the office has developed a distinct sensibility towards environmental design, avoiding both the sentimentality and the technical fetishism that so often characterizes "sustainable architecture". Recent projects have been hailed as among the most innovative and advanced sustainable projects in Europe and North America.

Publisher: Behnisch Architekten, 2005
Language: English

Behnisch, Behnisch & Partner - Günter Behnisch, Stefan Behnisch, Günther Schaller

Ecology is more than saving energy. Man takes a lot from nature, and should treat it with due respect. In architectural terms this can mean that buildings are set in landscape in such a manner that adverse visual impacts are avoided as far as possible. Huge buildungs can be broken down into a variety small units, located in depressions, or have planted roofs which intermingle with the surroundings. The examples presented in this booklet illustrate how our approach to ecological architecture and our knowledge have evolved over the years, how initial ideas have been developed further and adapted ti specific circumstances.

Publisher: Well Century International Limited, 2004
Concept/Layout: Well Century International Limited
ISBN 988-97307-5-8
Language: English / Chinese

Genzyme Center - Project Brochure

The LEED Platinum rated Genzyme Center which opened in 2004 is the firm’s first project in the United States. The book describes the development of the building and its environmental features.

Publisher: fmo publishers, 2004
ISBN 3-93793400-6
Language: English

Behnisch, Behnisch & Partner - Buildings and Designs

„Behnisch, Behnisch & Partner“ presents exemplary buildings and designs from 1989 to 2003, complemented by abstracts about the firm’s approach to different tasks.

Publisher: Birkhäuser - Publishers for Architecture, 2003
ISBN 3-7643-6931-0
Language: German / English

NORD/LB Hannover - Behnisch, Behnisch & Partner

NORD/LB Hannover describes the development of the Norddeutsche Landesbank’s administratrion building in Hannover from first design proposals through to completion in 2002. The building is the firm’s first high-rise and reflects a new approach to workplace design.

Publisher: Hatje-Cantz, Stuttgart
ISBN 3-7757-1231-3
Language: German / English

Das Bristol Projekt - The Harbourside Centre for Performing Arts

This book is dedicated to an exciting project, a concert hall and dance theatre in Bristol called „The Harbourside Centre“, and referred to inside the office as „Das Bristol Projekt“. Unfortunately, the building was not realised.

Publisher: Behnisch, Behnisch & Partner, 1999
Language: English

Natuur onder Architectuur - Architecture for Nature / IBN-DLO Wageningen

With „The Institute for Forestry and Nature Research“ in Wageningen, Stefan Behnisch planned a EU pilot project for sustainable architecture. The building from 1998 became a milestone in the development of environment-friendly and economically efficient construction based on a sensible use of available resources.

Publisher: Schuyt & Co, Haarlem, 1998
Text: Egbert Koster
ISBN 90-6097-472-7
Language: Dutch / English