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We’re making people’s lives better – At ODA, we work within the system to exploit the system, designing cities that come to life and shape their communities. Our idea of “the vertical village” is one rooted in transitional territories, where voids, gaps, and open spaces are found, claimed, and transformed to “unbox” conventional urban layouts. The result is a stronger relationship between self and surrounding. In this new setting, life and living areas extend beyond four walls, nature is reinstated, and social interaction is as important as private retreat. Our designs shape spaces by satisfying three human needs: the desire to observe wide perspectives and explore beyond boundaries, the demand for protection and intimacy, and the necessity of transition between inside and out. We believe in collaborative synergy, among ourselves, between cultures, and with our clients. ODA designs from the inside out to reflect each city’s unique pulse and landscape of people. Our buildings look different because each functions differently, and we lean on the global experiences of our team members to inform every parameter of every project. At ODA, it’s more than a commitment to architecture and design; it’s how we’re making people’s lives better.

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