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The essence of architecture -- from which the aesthetic, utilitarian, emotional, and poetic qualities of architecture all ultimately derive -- is space. 


The power of architectural space derives from its incomprehensibility, from the change in our perception that occurs as we step across the threshold. We easily comprehend the nature of a convex sculptural object; it is bounded, separate, easily delineated from its surroundings, visible all at once.  But interior space is more elusive.  Architectural space is physically separate from us and yet it engulfs and envelopes us; it is bounded, but we are within its boundaries; it cannot be differentiated from the surroundings as from the moment of entry it becomes our surroundings.  And it is never visible all at once; it envelops us, immersing our vision in a panoptical universe of its own.  As we step across the threshold there is a bending, an inversion; inert reality stretches and distorts as it converges at the interior apex of our vision, bending and warping toward the singularity of our moving point of view.  Architectural space immerses us in an enveloping environment that cannot be captured or reproduced for re-presentation elsewhere but must be apprehended directly, in the experienced present. 


The office of David Hotson Architect is preoccupied with space as the fundamental medium of architecture, and with the shaping of experience within space as the primary work of the architect.  The office employs a disciplined approach to the design of space, privileging emptiness over mass, void over solid, the immaterial over the material -- treating empty, enveloping, concave, subjective volume -rather than rather convex objective form- as the primary medium of design.  This practice focuses on the manipulation of carefully delineated volumes of enclosed interior emptiness, configured to provoke awareness, pleasure, utility, and comfort.


David Hotson Architect is a full-service architectural design firm specializing in contemporary residential, commercial, and institutional architecture.  The office has extensive experience in all aspects of residential design and construction --including private residences, co-op and condominium apartment and loft renovations, historic townhouse buildings, and adaptive reuse and infill projects in landmarked buildings and neighborhoods.  The office also specializes in offices and studios for creative companies, and in projects in the art world --including museums, galleries, alternative art spaces, and studios and residences for artists and collectors.


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