KEIO SFC Design Studio House

Kanagawa, Japan
Kanagawa, Japan

Shonan-Fujisawa campus is known for taking initiative to create a new educational and research environment in an information network based society. The design studio building, completed in 2000 was one of these new developments. To facilitate communicating with the natural environment and to complement the busy campus center zone, the buildings, a group of small research labs, is designed to have an atmosphere of residential units and resort suites.

Harmonization of the living environment and working environment in a non-urban, small-sized facility creates an environment that helps researchers feel that they are member of a group and persuades them to actively collaborate in a project team as they use the whole building as an autonomous collaborated area dedicated to the project.

In this building, "space" is created for satisfying any combination of factors which characterizes each scene of creative intellectual activities, and structured to provide smooth transitions to each scene insuring to provide the scenes and characteristics of a living environment. The method of structural construction and interior environmental design were planned to establish a standardized building system. For this purpose, "lapped-joint beam system" was devised. To maximize use of natural energy, the air conditioning system that can switch the flow of air depending on the outdoor temperature and interior heating condition was adopted. These architectural factors are designed as "skelton" and for the "infill", a knockdown integrated furniture system was designed, which accept change over to newer and more advanced IT equipment.

For positioning building parts, visual stimulation is considered. By being seen by each other while they are conducting various activities, people are expected to be stimulated as they become more conscious of the activities of others and their own.

Photos: Toshiharu Kitajima

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