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Gabellini Sheppard Associates is an architecture and interior design practice that concentrates experiential and functional value to create spaces of elevated simplicity.

The work of the New York-based firm, founded in 1991, is distinguished by a sculptural finesse with the elements of space, light, and material. Mediating between needs and desires, Gabellini Sheppard Associates designs each environment as a frame through which perception is heightened and the quality of use enhanced. Profound simplicity results from a careful process of editing and layering that intensifies rather than subtracts. The firm brings its design expertise and passion to projects of many types and scales, from urban and commercial master plans to residential, hospitality, retail, and art spaces. Organized as a multi-disciplinary studio or atelier, Gabellini Sheppard Associates comprises a versatile, cosmopolitan team of design professionals who contribute diverse skills, languages, and cultural fluencies. Embedded within the firm’s holistic approach are sustainable design principles and a collaborative approach to problem-solving, responsive to client and context. The firm’s three partners—Michael Gabellini, Kimberly Sheppard, and Daniel Garbowit—have led the firm to earn over 60 honors and awards from organizations including the American Institute of Architects, the Cooper Hewitt Smithsonian Design Museum, the Chicago Athenaeum Museum of Architecture and Design, Progressive Architecture, the Municipal Art Society of New York, and the International Interior Design Association, as well as editorial features in numerous international publications.

Residential and Hospitality Design. Gabellini Sheppard Associates has built an acclaimed portfolio in the design of residences, hotels, restaurants, and resorts, conceived as finely crafted backdrops to enhance everyday life. The pursuit of simplicity and pure comfort—the ultimate luxury—results in new possibilities for the health and pleasure of body and mind. The firm’s approach emphasizes the performance of daily activities as well as more aspirational qualities of identity, personality, and lifestyle. Functionality is enhanced through incremental refinements and adjacencies, allowing for a heightened sense of presence and spatial perception.

Retail Design and Brand Development. Gabellini Sheppard Associates has conceived and implemented large-scale retail developments as well as signature boutiques, showrooms, and offices for clients worldwide. Renowned for its international collaborations with fashion designers, the firm works with clients to translate brand identity into high-performance retail, office, and lifestyle spaces. The firm’s extensive experience in implementing projects in North America, Europe, and Asia enables it to provide architectural and interior design expertise as well as strategic guidance on spatial branding and redevelopment initiatives.

Gallery and Exhibition Design. Michael Gabellini’s expertise and passion for contemporary art, as well as frequent collaborations with artists, has led the firm to design and facilitate exhibitions for the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum, the Florence Art and Fashion Biennale, the Cooper-Hewitt, Smithsonian Design Museum, Swarovski Crystal Palace, and the Council of Fashion Designers of America. The firm has also designed contemporary art spaces in New York for the Marian Goodman Gallery, Anthony Grant, and Casey Kaplan, among others.

Preservation and Adaptive Reuse. Through historic preservation, renovation, and adaptive reuse projects around the world, Gabellini Sheppard Associates has demonstrated its ability to breathe new life into iconic landmark structures and create a dialogue between old and new. The partners cultivate the practice of “design memory,” burnishing the legacy of historic places while bringing them up to date with new requirements, amenities, and cultural practices. They also view preservation as a form of environmental conservation, by extending the life of buildings and public places for the next generation.

The Gabellini Sheppard Associates approach to design is defined by a specific set of criteria: the unique needs of the individual client and context; the development of a seamless and sophisticated background for the programmatic requirements; and the creation of an aesthetically pristine environment. Working with space and light as sculptural materials, we construct architectural settings that are dramatic in their purity of means. Our firm's signature vocabulary is identified by an essential reductivism, attention to detail, and sensitivity to the intrinsic properties of building materials and location. This "minimal" sensibility evolves not from a predetermined architectural style but, rather, from the intent to design clean, functional spaces that operate as backdrops to what is contained within them. Formal simplicity requires intellectual rigor and aesthetic restraint. The end results are environments that are opulent in the clarity of their spatial resolution.


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