Aerial view of studio buildings
照片 © Chuck Choi
照片 © Chuck Choi
Studio buildings at dusk
照片 © Chuck Choi
Sculpture studio
照片 © Chuck Choi
View into dance studio
照片 © Chuck Choi
Dance studio
照片 © Chuck Choi
照片 © Chuck Choi
图纸 © Charles Rose Architects

Leeper Studio Complex, Atlantic Center for the Arts

Charles Rose

Two chief impulses guided our early design work: to create a strong sense of immersion in nature and to create spaces that would foster conversations among artists from various disciplines. The jungle-like landscape was a natural collaborator in our design. To create the sense of immersion that we envisioned, we embedded the studios into the lush vegetation and then wove together the pavilions by constructing a boardwalk that sits just two and a half feet off the forest floor. The boardwalk opens into decks expands in areas and becomes a space for new connections and collaboration.

The studio buildings are highly attuned to the tropical environment and use several strategies to mediate the intense heat, sun and humidity. Expansive glass walls, for example, maximize northern light; wood louvers lessen the effects of direct sunlight.

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