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Cagliari Art Museum

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Cagliari, Itália
1-5 Stories

Set upon a panoramic plateau in the ancient district of sardinia’s capital city will soon sit the cagliari galerie comunale d’art’s new extension. Our concept formulates a network of separate but interconnected “clusters” that unfold, open and invite museum visitors inside. Single-height exhibition spaces are anchored by four clusters, each with an adjoining sculpture garden. Gallery volumes and arrangements were inspired by seminal works within the museum’s permanent collection, including ancient bronze and marble statues and works by the late renaissance painter pietro cavaro. Simple, primitive forms and local materials reflect a sardinian sensibility, while the gesture of breaking up the new museum into discreet volumes transforms the simple cluster of galleries into an architecture that is at once contextual and abstract. A very direct organizational logic yields a form that works effectively for both internal and external spaces. Planned within a cartesian grid, all museum program with exception of galleries is efficiently organized on axis with the historic 18th century beaux arts museum. By rotating the galleries 20 degrees to true north, optimum solar orientation enables naturally illuminated exhibition spaces with northern light and exceptional views to the landscape.

Just as interior and exterior spaces interpenetrate, so do two types of forms: the orthogonal-polygonal, as perceived from the exterior, and the organic, which produces a series of spatial surprises or ‘follies’. Occurring at passage points of incongruency at gallery rotations, the follies create connections. With an almost labyrinthine character, visitors traverse the museum through a grand loop of intervening spaces. “Short cuts’ through outdoor sculpture galleries create a multitude of alternate paths. The design of roof forms and oculus were developed with a parametric environmental analysis whereby daylighting, shading and insolence informed design decisions.

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