Gongti Hotel

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7A Gongti Xi Lu, 100020 Beijing, China

Hotel at Gongti Stadium in Beijing Next to the Worker (Gongti) Stadium, right in the centre of Beijing’s night life area, Graft has been commissioned to design a 60 room boutique hotel. Although the original design of the building is by the Chinese architect Wang Hui, Graft has been asked to extend and complete it. The scope of work includes the design for the landscape, the East façade, extensions of the ground floor area, and the interior for all public zones. The hotel rooms will be designed by 6 different designers, with Graft responsible for 5 rooms including the Presidential suite.

The design follows the principle of a “shifted grid”. The original architecture of Wang Hui is based on shifting cubes, each housing a hotel room. Graft adopted this shifted grid system, divided it further into smaller units and added a dynamic distortion following an under laying geometry of splines. The splines are running perpendicular to the grid and as such creating a sculptural movement along the length of the building, which manifests itself both in the interior and exterior.

Graft’s design for the East façade starts on the North end as a traditional curtain wall. Slowly moving along the façade it begins to peel off the building and becomes an independent structure. The sculptural movement articulates the main entrance and a 20m high void for the café/restaurant. The hotel corridor will be flooded with morning light through the purple glass of the façade, showering the hotel guests with a sensation of color upon opening their room doors in the morning. At night the purple will be visible through the Papula trees lining the street, expressing the hotel as a design destination.

Bertil Donker, Liko Zhang Jing, Li Mei, Yereem Park, Christian Precht, Anthony Jing Ruan, Sam Shao Yong You, Da Yong Sun, Fei Tang, Yilin Wang, Juan Wang, Chris Li Ju, Wei Zhou, Casey McSweeney

China Modern Art Hotel Management Co., Ltd.

8.000 sqm


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