Birds Island

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Jalan Rahmat, 42920 Pulau Lumut, Malaysia

We have applied an integrated strategy of developing a zero-energy house that seamlessly dovetails the economic and environmental advantages of environmentally friendly living with the needs of a demanding and cosmopolitan clientele. The environmental and economic features of this way of living do not conflict with our client’s lifestyle; rather it furthers their ability to comfortably enjoy their time at home.

While providing an expansive outdoor living deck that spans the whole of the site, the primary living space is concentrated inside cooled zones. A maximum amount of economical and energy efficient floor area is created and sheltered from the elements by a dynamic tensile structure. The traditional relationship between indoor and outdoor has been shifted, allowing for comfort while free of the bonds of traditional walls.

Extended living spaces are arranged separately from each other and bisected by landscaped areas with local vegetation. The surrounding tensile fabric flows through the interior, shaping and imbuing the spaces with sublime shading and view patterns. Heavy sliding curtains enclose living spaces and create privacy.

Design Competition
Invited Design Competition for 0 - Energy Villas in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

YTL Land Development

Scheduled Completion

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