Photo © Paul Warchol
Photo © Paul Warchol
Photo © Paul Warchol
Photo © Paul Warchol
Photo © Paul Warchol
Photo © Paul Warchol
Photo © Paul Warchol

Chalon Residence

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1M - 100M
1-5 Stories

The sheer size of the project, over 20,000 sq. ft. brought into sharp relief the challenge of creating livable spaces with appropriate scale and warmth.

From initial discussions and earliest sketches our design focused on the dual intentions of integrating building & landscape and developing an architecture that melds a tactile legibility with the abstractions of element and mass that are foundational to modernism.

Our solution is based on core architectural issues – solid/void, light/shadow, mass/span. The design recognizes the importance of gravity and light in the making and legibility of architecture.

Separating indoor from out on the ground floor is a continuous wall of glass interrupted by stone chimney masses and “floating” cabinets. These elements provide moments of closure and privacy to an otherwise open plan. The play of light, shadow, materiality, furniture, and section brings scale and intimacy to the spaces.

Sited hard to the southern edge of the lot and organized along an east/west axis the house opens north to a lawn/play area and to the east to a terrace and pool.

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