Founded in 1990 by Joseph Tanney and Robert Luntz, Resolution: 4 Architecture is a firm dedicated to addressing 21st century conditions through intelligent architecture and design. The firm consciously takes on a perspective facilitating the conditions required to develop sustainable methods, strategies and solutions for the current and long-range conflicts and changes facing our dynamic communities. They seek to investigate, re-investigate, work with the palpable, illuminate the obscure and understand the composite interface of architecture, its user and its context.

Resolution: 4 Architecture’s design preoccupations have included two-dimensional and three-dimensional pattern making and ceilings as landscapes. Most recently they have undertaken The Modern Modular by Resolution: 4 Architecture, a systematic methodology of design that attempts to leverage the existing methods of prefabrication of residential construction. Their efforts seek to offer the option of “mass customization” to the single-family housing market while aesthetically transforming the sub-urban fabric of America’s domestic landscape. Resolution: 4 Architecture has become an internationally published and highly acclaimed ten-person firm completing projects in the residential, commercial and public realms.

Design Philosophy
Resolution: 4 Architecture believes in architecture's ability to resonate the human psyche, evoking both an emotional and intellectual response. Through responses to programmatic, economic, political, and social requirements, we attempt to establish, through the design process, a dialogue between the idealized and the pragmatic, between the general and the specific. The development of this discourse allows for aesthetic
choices that for us are a rigorous reinterpretation of formal architectural relationships. The analysis of the broad 'context' of each problem becomes the foundation for this process. This becomes an intentional response that connects/disconnects similar or disparate elements. It establishes the relationship between form, use, and materials and ultimately expresses an idea and the uniqueness of each client.

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