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Our assorted advertising formats allow for adaptable, target-oriented communication including all standard advertising formats and special solutions tailored to your specific needs.

World-Architects è una rete premium di architetti e professionisti dell'edilizia selezionati, basata sull'affiliazione, che promuove la qualità dell'architettura. La nostra selezione è curata da un gruppo altamente qualificato di architetti e critici provenienti da tutto il mondo.

Lanciata nel 1998 da PSA Publishers Ltd in Svizzera, World-Architects ha aperto la strada all'editoria online dell'architettura e oggi conta oltre 20 siti nazionali e regionali che rappresentano architetti paesaggisti, interior designers, ingegneri, lighting designers, produttori e fotografi di architettura di oltre 50 paesi.

About National Platforms
  • North America
  • 30'000 Monthly Visitors
  • 11% of global traffic
  • South & Central America
  • 15'000 Monthly Visitors
  • 6% of global traffic
  • Western Europe
  • 125'000 Monthly Visitors
  • 45% of global traffic
  • Southern Europe
  • 20'000 Monthly Visitors
  • 8% of global traffic
  • Northern Europe
  • 10'000 Monthly Visitors
  • 4% of global traffic
  • Eastern Europe
  • 10'000 Monthly Visitors
  • 4% of global traffic
  • Africa & Middle East
  • 20'000 Monthly Visitors
  • 8% of global traffic
  • Eastern Asia
  • 25'000 Monthly Visitors
  • 10% of global traffic
  • Australasia
  • 20'000 Monthly Visitors
  • 8% of global traffic

Traffico medio mensile

255’000 Visitatori unici
360’000 Sessioni (visite)
1’500’000 Pagine visualizzate



Istruzione e occupazione

85% of Visitors have a
University Degree

91% of Visitors have a
Professional Background in Architecture

30% of Visitors have an
Executive Position

COMMUNITY offers a wide range of target-oriented solutions to present your brand to a highly professional audience of architects, designers and engineers.

Our offers cater for short-term, locally targeted promotions and large-scale international campaigns alike. All campaigns are carefully set up, targeted and closely monitored by our campaign managers. In-depth reporting and the possibility to add your own tracking guarantee a transparent implementation of your measures and allow for continuous optimization of your campaign.

 Media Kit

    Our ad placements allow for adaptable, target-oriented communication, using standard advertising formats as well as custom solutions to be designed for your specific goals.

  • 300 x 250

    IAB Medium Rectangle

  • 300 x 600

    IAB Half Page Ad

  • 160 x 600

    IAB Wide Skyscraper

  • 970 x 250

    IAB Billboard

  • 728 x 90

    IAB Leaderboard

  • 1140 x 250


600 x 200


Under the attentive eyes of our editors-in-chief, World-Architects publishes high-quality weekly editorial newsletters with 160,000+ subscribers in English, Spanish, German and Italian. Large-scale banners in the context of the newsletters’ timely, relevant and independent content are advantageously positioned for clear branding campaigns and call-to-action messages.

Edition: Weekly, every Thursday
Recipents: 20'000

Edition: Weekly, every Wednesday
Recipents: 40'000

Edition: Weekly, every Tuesday
Recipents: 120'000


World-Architects creates engaging stories with relevant information about your brand products, targeted to a highly professional audience of architects, designers and engineers. A wide range of formats, such as editorial style writing, advertorials with animated content, and theme topics with special landing pages, attract attention and build brand loyalty.
Our experienced architecture journalists write about your products and solutions in detail using research, interviews, product reviews and other sources

Media Kit (Download)

Download the World-Architects media kit for an overview of our standard offers.
Our campaign specialists are happy to assist you in planning custom-tailored campaigns and to discuss special features!

Contact us! We are looking forward to helping you find the best suited means for a successful communication.