Torino, Italia

Together with nine teams of architects based in Turin, we have participated in the city imaging experiment - practical solutions or utopian fantasies - with our own "swimming" vision of Turin to the interesting "Torino Stratosferica" event. The exhibition took place at the Bellissimo Blue Loft and has been replicated also in Paratissima 2017.

Venezia, Italia

If we think of Venice as a natural environment, then we can safely say that its inhabitants are an endangered species. Venetians are in Extinction. Venice's cultural heritage and particular urban landscape have made it a tourism destination that attracts 50.000 people a day, 2.927 million in 2006. The city's economy is now almost completely dependent on tourists, and there is virtually no more local production or even locals. Venice's former inhabitants now rent their properties in Venice and chose to live in neighbouring Mestre, Venice is not for Venetians anymore, economical priorities have shifted the focus of the city.
Venetians in Venice are like Pandas in the wild, there are fewer and fewer every day, their environment is no longer livable and therefore their life is no longer natural, they are no longer Venetians. Venetians are Pandas.