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Padiglione Italia Expo 2015

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Milan, Italie

23,500 m2

Expo 2015 S.P.A.

€50 M

PAR: Jennifer Marmon, Partner in Charge; Matthew Young, Lan Chen, Project Architects; Team: Ross Ferrari, Devon Motminy, Jesus de Anda, Leandro Yuan, Chen You Chien

An ambitious master plan for Expo 2015 was developed to revitalize an industrial zone outside the city of Milan. In the spirit of this plan, a competition was launched for the design of a pavilion to exhibit the virtues of Italian culture while in a second life, adapting into a research facility. Interpreting the criteria of the brief, maintaining openness at the ground was essential for access and a perception of transparency. The translation of this criteria gave birth to a building that contains a series of spaces stacked one over the other, in some places projecting over the piazza by varying degrees, connected through a loop of continuous circulation.

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