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Office for Visual Interaction - OVI is an internationally acclaimed lighting design studio based in NYC. Driven by the virtuosity of its founders, Chief Creative Jean Sundin, and Chief Innovator Enrique Peiniger, the studio’s work reflects their passionate curiosity, technical imagination, and inspired artistry.

Constant experiments in the fields of art, science, technology, and design push our ideas beyond convention and shape them with meaning and precision. Our work has become the launch pad of many innovations that are redefining the lighting field. OVI is the lighting studio for some of the most iconic projects of our time.

We use light as a medium to transform space, visuals, and emotions. The controlled design of light over matter creates a sense of place and awakens the user’s cultural memory.

A culturally diverse creative team of designers, we are committed as much to technological innovation as to the philosophical dimension of our work. We are trusted partners from the early stages of design and focused on shaping the project’s identity with light.

Our ingenuity makes OVI a global leader in project and product design. We are one of the leading studios that practice insights exploration successfully for the industry and arts. We are creative innovators of the art of architectural lighting design, sensitive to culture, and focused on hands-on execution.

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