Estuarine Habitats & Coastal Fisheries Research Center

We believe that good architecture is not about fancy materials or arbitrary form. It is about finding the best and most efficient way to meet the needs of the program, and combining the parts in an extraordinary way. Our approach is to synthesize structure and building systems in such a way as to create an architecture that is simultaneously responsive to program, site, climate and budget.
We create unique projects of architectural excellence, buildings of their own time and place, whose authenticity is expressed in each aspect of building massing, scale, siting, details and materials. The tremendous impact that buildings have on the natural environment and on future generations requires us to design in a way that conserves resources and mitigates man's impact on the environment.

We are committed to teamwork and a consensus-based building style throughout the development of our projects. Our methodology focuses on interactive, hands-on workshops with the client and/or appropriate steering committees. This proven expertise in conducting timely and efficient on-site design investigations results in a strong foundation on which to begin project development, establish environmental stewardship goals, and plan for future growth.

Adherence to client program, budget and schedule are standard procedures of our practice. We frequently engage projects where time and budget, not architecture, are the prime concerns our clients, our office has nevertheless received international recognition for its design work. This has been achieved by a certain design ethnic -- the determination to define architecture through its essential elements as a means to condense its poetic force. Ours is a search which attempts to realize a sense of rightness, of natural inevitability.

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