353 W. 56th Street Apt 8A

New York, 2011

A true client challenges the architect to go one step further and produce something unique. This process relies upon a shared language th...

StreetFest Competition

New York City, 2011

Although this proposal is dedicated to the work of Cedric Price,l 1934-2003, the inspiration comes from the architecture used by Yanomami...

Casa Aqua Clara

Playa El Agua, Margarita, Venezuela, 2010

Casa Agua Clara is located in the middle of the large beach” Playa El Agua” on Margarita Island, Venezuela. The site has a na...


Americas Society, NYC, 2009

An installation created for the Americas Society retrospective for Carlos Cruz-Diez. The architecture was designed in collaborati...

120 East 75th Street

New York City, 2007

This pre-war apartment with large windows facing north provided the good bones for our renovation. The intention of the design was to com...

Hildreth House

Southampton, 2007

This house sits on a small rectangular site (sixty feet wide and two hundred feet deep) on the south fork of Long Island. The house was c...

Pine Street

Southampton, 2007

The existing ranch house on a secluded site surrounded by a nature preserve was transformed by means of a two-storey addition and by open...

Sasha's Loft

New York City, 2003

This airy and open loft is modulated at one end by two very large black sliding panels that open to the kitchen. The kitchen counter doub...

350 W 57th St Apartment

New York, 2002

A one spacious bedroom apartment in an art deco building overlooking 57th Street. The design integrated the kitchen to the living room by...

World Arts Center

New York City, 2002

This fundamentally optimistic project to build two towers housing artists and writers believes in the rebuilding of this site as an oppor...

Fresh Pond

North Haven, L.I., 2002

Using the existing perimeter of an existing house, two overlapping squares fit perfectly into the existing boundary to create the Loening...

44 W 77th St

New York City, 2000

This large penthouse has a living room made by combining two artist's studios. The design transforms this large space and its large w...

Grove Palace

Miami, 1999

This project for a large house in Coral Gables takes advantage of the tropical climate by the use of covered porches, a large central cou...

Hibiscus House

Miami, 1998

A house designed in Miami, Florida with Architect Jose Antonio. Four principal volumes -the entry-way, the dining area, the living room a...

Tambo Restaurant

Caracas, Venezuela, 1996

Casa Roche

Caracas, Venezuela, 1996

Casa Roche is a u-shaped house on four levels structured around its garden which is enclosed by a wall. In the climate, the interior and ...

Padula House

Caracas, Venezuela, 1990

A house with an interior cylindrical shaft. This shaft introduces light and air and serves as the focus for the vertical movement of the ...

Hotel Casa Real

Valencia, Venezuela, 1990


Caraballeda, Venezuela, 1988

A residential building with 46 duplex apartments on the sea. On the North elevation a square opening with an intermediate cross frames ea...


New York City, 1988

A large five-bedroom apartment overlooking the East River was Finished with stained oak millwork and plaster walls. The rooms are connect...

Lladro Museum and Galleries

New York, 1988

A 35 foot wide, eight story structure with penthouse and mezzanine interacts with the context of the street façade. The elevation ...

Rensselaerville Pool House

Rensselaerville, NY, 1985

One large bright space open on three sides, with a roof that seems to hover above. A large fireplace with a free standing chimney dominat...

La Lula

Caraballeda, Venezuela, 1984

Six columns facing the sea support the upper terrace and brace the structure of the blue canvas awnings. Each bay contains a bedroom on t...

Hacienda Carabobo

Turgua, Venezuela, 1984

This restoration of the ruins of an eighteenth century coffee plantation begins with the interior courtyard. The courtyard measures 70x35...

Santa Clara

Caraballeda, Venezuela, 1983

A residential building with eight large, three-bedroom apartments. The space of the apartment is open front to back and ends with a semic...


Sagaponack, 1983

One house made from two existing barns placed end to end. The simple agrarian structures were transformed by the addition of windows, a t...

Sportscenter Interalumnia

Ciudad Guayana, Venezuela, 1982

A system of walls, columns, stairs, floors, and windows in a minimalist configuration. The bodies and discipline of athletes competing in...

Teatro Interalumnia

Ciudad Guayana, Venezuela, 1981

A space for dance, music, theatre, film, and conferences which seats 250 people. A system of rectangular mahogany niches compose the wall...


Caracas, Venezuela, 1980

A date palm tree, a pool and porticos. The basic shape of the house is a parallelepiped with a cube shaped living room surrounded by a ci...

Models III

A rigorous process of modeling performed for various built and unbuilt projects.

Models II

A rigorous process of modeling performed for various built and unbuilt projects.


A rigorous process of modeling performed for various built and unbuilt projects.