The Hill House Box

Helensburgh, Great Britain, 2019

When the architect Charles Rennie Mackintosh built the Hill House as tower house in 1902 in Helensburgh, Scotland, 30 kilometres west fro...

HBG Convention Center

San Antonio, 2018

The redesigned HBG Convention Center in San Antonio now offers an eyecatcher that gives visitors an immediate insight into the renovation...


Augsburg, Alemania, 2018

During the renovation of their main stage, Augsburg’s State Theater temporarily moved to the „Brecht Stage“ of Augsburg‘s historical Ofen...

Hyatt-Center 71

Chicago, 2017

With an extraordinary installation, artist and designer James Carpenter has illuminated the two lobbies and entrances of 71 South Wacker ...


Cologne, Alemania, 2014

Located on the Helmholtz square in the Ehrenfeld district of Cologne, in 1959 St. Bartholomew’s was inaugurated as the parish church. 55 ...

Bosco Verticale

Milano, Italia, 2014

The Bosco Verticale (i.e. the vertical forest) transforms Milan’s city centre skyline: with trees and shrubs designed to grow in a vertic...

Winery Kaufmann

Eltville am Rhein - Hattenheim, Alemania, 2013

Material: abrics grenada Quantity: approx. 45 m²


Vierschach, Italia, 2013

Material: alphamesh 12.0 stainless steel Quantity: approx. 875 m²

Bligh Street

Sydney, Australia, 2011

A fixture of Sydney’s skyline. The office building on 1 Bligh Street in Sydney stretches 139m into the sky. But it isn’t the height of th...


Wattens, Austria, 2007

The alphamesh curtain is composed of more than 26 million individual welded rings and encloses the premises like a work of art. With a he...

Lido Cabaret

Paris, France, 1977

The Lido in Paris.The shining star in the nightlife sky. Famous for its extravagant stage shows and probably the most famous ballet in th...