At Office for Visual Interaction (OVI), we are more than lighting designers–we are philosophers, storytellers and tailors who identify the essence of a project and craft our designs into vivid architectural icons.

Our mission is to design and produce legacy-worthy masterpieces that radiate not just with light, but with rich narratives that thoroughly understand a project’s position in society and time.

We see light as more than a tool; its interaction with surfaces and materials tells an emotional tale, providing depth and structure to a space. Every project is a new opportunity to communicate an idea.

We seek to nurture and further the union of daylight and design. We believe the sensations that lighting stirs are inseparable from the space itself; it is as elemental to architecture as glasswork. We absorb location-specific details, exacting technical specifications, textured facades–every factor and concept that forms the complete project–in order to divine the essence of the overall vision.

In both breadth and scope, OVI’s portfolio is vast and inclusive, comprising intimate, humble installations and iconic, larger than life works–each approached with equal passion and humanity. Our designs and products discover and emphasize stories as dynamically composed visual soundtracks that underscore and invigorate architectural masterpieces. The stories that shape our work advance the industry while honoring and echoing the ideas of the past, memorializing and progressing the quintessence of a place, a people, an era.

Our job is to extract, refine, and strengthen the stories that make any location exceptional. Each is brought to life with bold thinking and hidden logic, a sophisticated aesthetic, and a celebration of humanity creating an iconic, emotional, and holistic expression of light.

OVI was founded in 1997 by Jean Sundin and Enrique Peiniger.

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