Double Stick Residence

In short, SPF:a has no agenda entering into a project, other than to let its design evolve naturally from the programmatic requirements, the environment of the site itself, active client engagement with the concept and project, and any budgetary or other limitations on the scope. From our perspective, great architecture is such because it is first of all "right" for the users, and secondarily poetic with its environment.
Our design leanings are informed by a generally contemporary aesthetic, expressed in different ways on a variety of landscapes.

Where historic sites are concerned, we believe that the new and the old can coexist harmoniously, if respect is given to the historical landmark. A new design should not try to duplicate its ancestor - but should gracefully coexist in a way that each compliments the other, and that no modern amenity or advancement is compromised in the new facility for the sake of sentiment. The old can be brought forth in its glory through restoration and tasteful enhancement, and the new can be designed to handshake with the old, as if by natural evolution.

We always strive toward innovative approaches to building sustainability, natural lighting, screening, ventilation, and water preservation.


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