Villa in Hollywood Hills

Los Angeles
Prime location: The panorama overlooking Hollywood and Los Angeles is spectacular. This villa expertly sets the scene for it.
Photo © HIRT moving architecture
The floor-to-ceiling windows can be controlled individually. In fine weather, they create a sense of boundlessness. When closed, they ensure a comfortable atmosphere on the inside.
Photo © HIRT moving architecture
Large panorama windows create a feeling of limitless freedom and ultimate lightness.
Photo © HIRT moving architecture
Sophisticated: The windows reveal their clever twist at the press of a button. They are HIRT kinetics® retractable fronts which disappear as if by magic.
Photo © HIRT moving architecture
The windows lower into the ground as if weightless.
Photo © HIRT moving architecture
Perfect accessibility: When the windows are completely retracted, no threshold mars the transition.
Photo © HIRT moving architecture
Here, the indoor and outdoor merge together in a perfect way.
Photo © HIRT moving architecture
HIRT moving architecture
Los Angeles
US implementation partner
Goldbrecht LLC

A beautiful chill-out zone in California

John Finton is a star among architects and builders both in the United States and around the world, embodying aesthetics, perfection, and luxury like no other. Finton knows the value of real craftsmanship, such as is also used in HIRT kinetics® retractable fronts. In creating his clients’ villas, he uses only the best of the best: elegant materials, the latest technology, and the work of master craftsmen who are true artists in their fields. In this respect, he knows no compromises.

High up in Hollywood Hills, Los Angeles, California, Finton designed an extraordinary villa whose “chill-out zone” with lounge, terrace, and a spectacular infinity pool is second to none. Here, all of Beverly Hills and Downtown LA quite literally lie at your feet. The villa’s particular sophistication reveals itself at a second glance: The lounge’s panoramic glass fronts are real “smart windows”. At the press of a button, they lower themselves silently and weightlessly. In fine weather, the lounge thus opens on three sides to let in the Californian way of life – a real “wow” effect! Perfection and elegance are ensured by small details – for example by how, when lowered, the HIRT kinetics® retractable fronts disappear seamlessly into the ground. Nothing remains to mar the transition from lounge to pool area.

John Finton is always rethinking the art of building – just like HIRT moving architecture®. The technology “made in Switzerland” makes dynamic what used to be static and thereby changes dimensions. Rooms expand according to your wishes, opening up new perspectives and possibilities. Nature can once again become part of modern life. To experience nature with all your senses – that is the HIRT team’s motto.

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