Tasso - Apartments

Lisboa, Portugal
Visualization © Tejo Collective
Visualization © Tejo Collective
Picture © Tejo Collective
Picture © Tejo Collective
Picture © Tejo Collective
Picture © Tejo Collective
Picture © Tejo Collective
NOMOS - Groupement d'Architectes
Rua Actor Tasso, 1050, Lisboa, Portugal
1-5 Stories

Located in the heart of Lisbon, the new four-stories building is on a side street to Marquês Pombal square and Avendida da Liberdade. Its white and red brick facade gives it a distinctive identity, nostalgically reminiscent of the city’s industrial past.

This identity is strengthened by the use of simple, yet elegant materials. The crude bricks outdoors are complemented by smaller glazed bricks in the entry hall and apartments. Like a ceramic bowl, the building is bright outside and polished inside.

On the ground floor, a commercial space and back courtyard create a lively atmosphere with a natural circulation. The eight floor-through apartment units all offer open and adaptable living areas. Sliding doors can open up the living rooms, while large windows extend them through to outside loggias and terraces. From wooden panels to white shining brick, the materials used provide a unique atmosphere to the building.

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