Sky Village

Rødovre, Denmark
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Rødovre, Denmark
20-100 Stories

2008, 1st prize

This 116m tower will contain apartments, a hotel, shops and offices. The new high-rise that spans 21.688m2 is planned to be situated right by Roskildevej, which today functions as a major traffic connection to Copenhagen centre. The high-rise mimics the shape of the historical spires of Copenhagen as well as the modern tall buildings, and thereby adapts to the existing skyline. Moreover the proposal combines the two typologies that currently exist in Rødovre - the single family house and the housing block of the vertical city.

As a response to the unstable markets of today, the design of the high-rise is based on a flexible grid-system that allows adaptation of the prefabricated units. These ’pixels’ are each 60m2, square in shape and organized around a central core in the building. To obtain maximum flexibility, the building has three separate cores, that each have their own segment of the program to service. This is called a ’stacked neighbourhood’, a ’sky village’. Flexibility and adaptation is one of the most sustainable characteristics of a building. Furthermore, the ’sky village’ will integrate the newest and most up-to-date technologies in relation to the progressive Danish environmental standards. Moreover, the plans include recycling of water, 40% recycled concrete for the foundation, and an array of energy-producing devices in the facade.

After lengthy dialogues with the local citizens, the project was in 2009 approved by the municipal board of direction. Currently the project requires additional investments before the construction phase can commence.

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