Shopping Arena Alpenstraße

Salzburg, Austria
Photo © Jasmin Schuller
Photo © Jasmin Schuller
Photo © Jasmin Schuller
Photo © Jasmin Schuller
Photo © Jasmin Schuller
Photo © Jasmin Schuller
LOVE architecture and urbanism
Alpenstraße 107, 5020 Salzburg, Austria

Through its dynamic and exciting shape, the new building makes an impression. Its apparent proportions are different from every angle of observation, and thus also alters the urban space in this area. The building is covered with the visual theme of stripes or bands. These bands can be viewed as a symbol for packaging that transform the entire complex into a gigantic present. In this way, the bands link the architecture to the buildings’ function – shopping!

The building’s setbacks, slants and height changes grew out of an almost exaggerated adherence to the urban planning requirements. The structure of the building was essentially poured into this rule-based framework. This structure was cut along its lower side at Alpenstraße in a wave-like line. This cut follows the formal logic of the structure and underlines the dynamic of the building component alongside the road. The cuts created in this way form the entrances and access points.

A membrane façade covers the entire building resulting in homogeneity. The shiny bands highlight the building’s dynamic nature. The result is a dynamic, perspectival, dramatic building. The three levels of sales area is connected via a passage to the existing Center. The parking decks are above and below the shopping floors. Atria open upwards from the first underground level, flooding the mall with natural light on all floors.

Moreover, these atria connect the various mall and parking levels both visually and functionally via the escalators.

2004, 1. Price

SCA Immobilien GmbH

Start of construction
July 2013

March 2015

Gross floor area
ca.52000 m² overground + underground

Usable floor space

Jasmin Schuller

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