Riverside South Tower A, Garden Courtyard

New York
Landscape Architects
Abel Bainnson Butz, LLP
New York
1M - 100M

This 10,000 SF roof-deck garden is nestled between the three sides of the new high-rise Riverside South Tower and an existing multistory off-site building. The approach was to create an informal green garden with a meandering bluestone walk that crosses over an irregularly-shaped pool and leads to a sunken terrace off a party room. Land forms define the path and allow for an in-ground planted look. An overhead trellis with vines and a series of small trees—birch, redbud, dogwood, and golden rain tree—give the garden an enclosed, intimate feeling. Understory plantings were selected to withstand a mostly shaded habitat with rich use of evergreens, groundcover, and ferns. Perennial, annual flowers as well as bulbs provide color and interest. A stainless-steel grid system was placed on the building to promote a variety of climbing vines. Portable tables, chairs, and planters add to the social aspect of the project. The garden has become a soft, country-like environment in a dense urban setting.

Extell Development Company

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