PMM, Peace Momorial Monument

Rome, Italy
C+S Associati
Rome, 00100, Rome, Italy
0 - 100K

C+S is one of the 30 internationally known architects which has been invited to design a Memorial for those soldiers who died in the Peace Missions.

The project were presented at the Parliament in Rome.

C+S designed a perfect circle, symbol of democracy, around persimmon trees, which are very long-lived and offer their fruits in winter after all the other trees are without fruits and leaves.

A symbol of life perduring after death.

Around the trees is an enclosure designed by vertical stones where the names of the died soldiers are written.

It is possible to pass through the stones and go inside the circle.

Stones themselves design shadow during the day so that their apparently static presence is animated by the movement of light.

Architectural design is based on natural material more than on technological ones trying to answer to the specificity of the place where is to be settled, a park in Rome.

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