AMERICA: State of Emergency

Visualization © 2018
Visualization © 2018
Visualization © 2018
Visualization © 2018
Visualization © 2018
Visualization © 2018
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Axis Mundi

States of emergency are nothing new for the United States. The United States has been in an uninterrupted state of national emergency since 1979. There are currently 28 concurrent active national emergencies in America -- there's been at least one national emergency for nearly four decades straight.

AMERICA: State of Emergency, conceived for the David Zwirner Gallery in Chelsea is a deafening auditory and visual assault on the senses, an immersive environment of pure spectacle and mayhem. It consists of two perfectly fused NYPD Police Cruisers amid a series of film projections on four walls, of police cars, fire trucks and emergency service vehicle’s flashing lights and sirens on a 23 minute loop at 120 decibels.

Concept and Design: John Beckmann | MoFO Projects
Visualization: 3DRS
Axis Mundi Design LLC. © 2017-2018

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