2513 Metairie Road

Photo © Sara Essex Bradley
Photo © Sara Essex Bradley
Photo © Sara Essex Bradley
Photo © Sara Essex Bradley
© Sara Essex Bradley
Photo © Sara Essex Bradley
NANO Architecture | Interiors
2513 Metairie Road, 70001 Metairie

Located on Metairie Road, this boutique commercial development was the first test case for the newly adopted Jefferson Parish Commercial Parkway Pedestrian Overlay Zone (CPZ-Ped) to encourage a more traditional pedestrian-oriented streetscape. Working closely with owner and the Jefferson Parish zoning and permitting departments, NANO utilized the highly stringent zoning codes to the client’s advantage.
Locating the building as close to the street as permissible and rotating the second-floor mass 90 degrees allowed the user a signature business and architectural presence on the busy thoroughfare, while allowing vehicular traffic to traverse to the back of the property where the parking is required to be. Meeting DOTD clearance requirements mandated a first floor clearance of 13’-6” minimum. While these and other mandates could be seen as limits on the owner’s ability to develop the property, NANO chose to look at them as opportunities. The stature of the building enhances the exterior porch (a Mardi Gras favorite) and the interior spaces are lofty.
Interior spaces are amply lit by natural light, but consideration of the south facing store front passive solar gain was mitigated by the porch and overhang.
The foyer hall allows for a soaring double height space, while the client’s expertise in metal-working brought the grand stair to fantastic fruition. Finishes are clean, simple and chosen for high traffic endurance, slip resistance, and ease of maintenance.
Structural considerations included enhanced lateral bracing and mechanical porch that allow for the inclusion of an emergency generator and safe occupancy as the owner desired it to be a personal hurricane shelter.
Requirements of the CPZ-Ped zoning included 70% of the front elevation had to be glazed, and the front set back was a maximum of 10’-0” from the property line off of Metairie Road.
This was the first building to pass the new Jefferson Parish CPZ-Ped zoning standards. Working with storefront contractor and Jefferson Parish, we were able to achieve the code regulations required, the brick pattern integral to the design, and maintain the 70% glazing criteria. This building set the standard for the revitalization of Metairie Road and is still used as a “standard of excellence” for Jefferson Parish.

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