Buildings of the Year 2013

John Hill
Published on
Feb 3, 2014

American-Architects: Glen Oaks Branch Library, Marble Fairbanks (Photo: Eduard Hueber/Arch Photo) 
German-Architects: Zentrum Taufe, AFF Architekten (Photo: Hans Christian Schink) 
Swiss-Architects: W├╝rth Haus Rorschach, Gigon/Guyer Architekten (Photo: Thies Wachter) 
The votes are in, and here are the results for the Buildings of the Year on American-Architects, German-Architects and Swiss-Architects.

American-Architects: Glen Oaks Branch Library in Queens, New York, designed by Marble Fairbanks.
A mutli-faceted glass beacon for the Glen Oaks neighborhood on the eastern edge of Queens, this library features a high level of design and materiality often found in the epicenter of Manhattan. Read more about the U.S. Building of the Year and the runners-up here.

German-Architects: Zentrum Taufe (Baptistry) in St. Peter and Paul Church in Eisleben, designed by AFF Architects.
Concentric circles cut into the floor radiate from the church's columns, center and baptismal font, which appears to be a natural source of water underneath the church. The project won with more than a third of the votes.

Swiss-Architects:  Würth Haus (Würth House) in Rorschach, designed by Gigon/Guyer Architects.
Wurth's administrative and training building with offices, meeting and seminar rooms, and congress hall overlooking Lake Constance is also a home for art. Paintings and sculptures by Hodler, Picasso, Chagall, Kirchner, Bill and others sit behind glass walls incorporated with an aluminum fabric that reflects the sky and water.

Congratulations to the above projects and their architects, and thanks to everyone who voted!