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For nearly two decades, Office for Visual Interaction (OVI) has been creating inventive lighting design, illuminating the world’s most prominent architectural works. As the name itself states, Office for Visual Interaction is inspired by light’s interaction with finishes and materials. Through the activation of surfaces, light and shadow become a natural extension of the architectural language, integrated and woven into the building fabric rather than applied as an additive element. There is a hidden logic and sophisticated beauty in their work, evident in OVI’s ability to use light to transform space without physically changing it.

Based in New York City, OVI is experienced in all phases and scales of design and has provided custom solutions for award-winning lighting projects spanning the globe. Their holistic embrace of light’s design potential makes OVI’s work at once beautifully imaginative and technologically groundbreaking, environmentally sustainable and culturally sensitive. From contemporary classics and historic structures to the most extreme avant-garde works, their designs have been recognized with the most prestigious awards worldwide.

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