Benjamin P. Grogan and Jerry L. Dove Federal Building

Krueck & Sexton has developed its architectural language steadfastly over the last 30 years, rooted in the belief that a great discourse exists among art and architecture. Founded in 1979, the firm has produced a body of work noted for its thoughtful and provocative explorations of the possibilities of Modernism. Used as both an inspiration and a springboard, our work liberates and extends the possibilities of this design canon, and demonstrates with confidence its continued vitality and strength.

Each of our projects is an independent work emerging from extensive inquiry and a rigorous design process. In addition to precisely responding to functional requirements and the client’s self-image, this process crystallizes solutions that are site specific and in harmony with their environment. Daily life in all of its diversity is thoughtfully provided for in an uncluttered and serene manner, yet rich with detail, visual, and tactile experience.

Ultimately, our work is grounded in deeply humanistic principles. We believe in the power of imagination, the delights of discovery, and the ability of architecture to inspire and improve life.

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