Hamlin Chapel and Library

With her Progressive Architecture Award-winning (P/A Award) theater design for Warner Bros. that arises from the Los Angeles urban landscape like a flower from a seed and a residential tower project for New York with multiple facades that track the sun like a wall of morning glories, architect Karen Bausman is cultivating new ground on architecture's leading edge of thought and design.

Karen leads the design teams at New York based Karen Bausman + Associates and is known for establishing a creative connection with her clients in the entertainment and cultural sectors, for whom she has executed notable projects ranging from building designs and urban landscapes to interiors and site-specific installations. Focusing on works of structural and visual poetry, her design philosophy is based on a fundamental faith in the power of an authentic architecture for a modern humanity.

Under her design leadership, her office in 2005, 2010, 2012 and again in 2014 was awarded a multiyear Design Excellence contract as part of New York City’s ambitious effort to bring new ideas, technology, and environmental soundness to the design of city-financed buildings and other structures in New York. Her expertise is currently being applied to numerous coastal building projects at sites in the Bronx and Manhattan for a stronger, more resilient New York post Hurricane Sandy.

Recipient of the Rome Prize, Ms. Bausman first garnered international recognition with her Performance Theater for Los Angeles. This breakthrough commission and other works that push the boundaries of structural and visual poetry formed the basis of Karen Bausman: Supermodels, a solo exhibition of her building designs and working methods at Harvard University. Among her most notable private commissions are ultra-elegant headquarters for clients Warner Bros. Records (Interior of the Year) and Elektra Entertainment – award-winning environments that are designed to celebrate the iconoclastic artist and that serve as important incubators in New York’s highly competitive cultural arts scene.


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