Cube, Berlin | Germany
Photo © Adam Mørk
Cube, Berlin | Germany
Photo © Adam Mørk
Cube, Berlin | Germany
Photo © Adam Mørk
LS 990 white
Picture © JUNG


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Berlin, Germany
3XN Copenhagen A/S

In the heart of Berlin, in close vicinity to its Central Station, the currently most innovative office building in Germany has been created in the Cube. This glazed cube with its almost 42-metre-long edges is a work from the Danish 3XN Architects’ office. The stern geometry of this building, predetermined by the development plan, is subtly broken up by large-scale planes in its façades. They turn the cube into an elegant diamond that sparkles in the sunlight. In its interior, around 17,000 square metres of floor space are distributed over ten floors. The building is occupied by cafés and restaurants on the ground floor. As the Cube is not intended to be a solitary prima donna, it is designed to communicate with its surroundings and passers-by.

Even the elaborate façade is not an end in itself, it is also an enhanced protection against climate and noise. There is a wide air space behind its outer shell that functions as an energy buffer and is accessed by means of long balconies on all the upper floors. This in turn is sealed off from the inside of the building with triple glazing. This iconic office building will be used as a rental property with as wide a range of users as possible. So each of the extensions is designed to suit individual requirements. From open plan and smaller office units to lobbies, conference units and double-storey areas, virtually all conceivable kinds of office spaces can be found within this square area.

What is also smart and innovative, however, is not just the design of the building, but its hidden technology. More than 6,000 sensors have been installed in the building. They constantly analyse the actual user behaviour and regulate air conditioning, fresh air supply, shade and lighting in real time. The system also learns autonomously and can customise processes accordingly over time. Users’ smartphones are also integrated here to function as keys. Areas of the building can also be displayed, for making undisturbed phone calls for example, or for sharing one’s own location with others. JUNG, too, is part of the technical infrastructure. Switches and sockets from the LS 990 range in white have been deployed throughout the building. With their reduced form and colouring, they are a natural element within the clear and reserved architectural language of these spaces.

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