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At ikon.5 architects, we seek to create an architecture that inspires and endures. We believe that every project, no matter how grand or utilitarian, is an opportunity for rigorous design exploration, inventiveness and creativity.  We believe in the transformative power of architecture to improve the quality of life and to create a sense of pride, dignity, inspiration and delight.  Our explorations are influenced by existing conditions, understanding of the place in which we build, and contemporary cultural forces of our time. We seek an architecture that expresses the values of our clients as a continuum of the great history of this art. Our mission is to create architecture that is a creative interpretative response to our client’s needs, budget realities, site conditions, and cultural values, and eloquently tells their story in built form. Each of our designs is distinctly conceived and elegantly executed, architectural concepts supported by technological innovation. We are committed to sustaining the world’s natural resources and to maximizing environmental stewardship in all we design and build. On each and every project, in partnership with our clients, we take an exciting journey of discovery that stimulates thought, emotion, memory, invention, and synthesizes many influences into the soul of a project.



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