Theaters 2

In an ever-changing sphere of theater design in which expertise and experience are merely starting points, Theaters 2: Partnerships in Facility Use, Operations and Management by Holzman Moss Architecture, JaffeHolden, and Theatre Projects Consultants will be welcomed as an important resource for those considering private–public partnerships.

Greater flexibility, sophisticated stagecraft, heightened audience expectations as well as demand for large seating capacities all vie for the limelight in today’s performance spaces. These latest “must haves” also contribute to the escalated cost and complexity of construction, operations, and maintenance, thus leading to the need for innovative partnerships between institutions, municipalities, agencies, or arts organizations as principal leaseholders and managers.

A Material Life

A Material Life: Adventures & Discoveries in Materials Research chronicles how unconventional applications of materials including glazed tile, glass, metal, wood, and brick create memorable buildings, foster sustainability, and enhance product performance. With heightened concern about the use of natural resources, materials for building are once again at the forefront of discussion.

A Material Life challenges accepted notions about what constitutes suitable and sustainable products by chronicling Malcolm Holzman’s commitment to take advantage of the variety of under-utilized products available, whether time-tested, tired from overuse, relegated to the scrap pile, entirely new, or from allied fields.

Innovative material applications include changing the appearance of an out-of-vogue product through simple shifts in scale, patterning, or method of installation; revealing hidden aspects of standard, recycled, remnant, and renewable materials; and appropriating and modifying common items for new uses, among others.


"A love poem to a favorite building material, this book shows imaginative exterior and interior uses of stone, often in stunning images." Stanley Abercrombie, Interior Design.

Stonework focuses on the role stone can play in making exceptional architecture. Stone's richness of texture, color and finish cannot be found in other materials; it is sensuous to touch, striking to the eye and pleasing to the soul. Malcolm Holzman's Stonework demonstrates that the application of stone can result in architecture unlike that created from other materials, and that it can be of more interest today than it has been in the recent past. A second printing is available in Chinese.