New Practices New York 2008

New Practices New York 2008 is the second juried portfolio competition and exhibition in a new biennial tradition sponsored by the New Practices Committee of the AIA New York Chapter. It serves as a platform for recognizing and promoting new, innovative and emerging architecture firms within New York City that have undertaken unique and commendable strategies. A selected jury elected six of the most promising architecture firms. We were asked to create the branding, exhibition design, exhibition graphics, art direction, advertising (print & online) and poster design.
Due to the existing gallery conditions of the mezzanie level at the CFA, we divided the space into 2 parts, ‘practice vs. work’.  The practice area provided a series of questions asking about studio history, its current inner workings and future ideas. It also displayed high-end imagery capturing portraits and studio atmosphere of all 6 studios. The practice area also displayed looped profile videos of each studio.
The work area of the exhibition displayed a sample of all 6 studios’ portfolios as well as working models fitted onto an armature piece that connected the viewer in the gallery to the viewer on the street level. Along with the portfolios and models, a 2’x2’ volumetric sculpture piece was created by each studio.
New York
Year of completion