Mississippi Department of Information Technology Services Cooperative Data Center

A two-building complex housing the state’s information technology agency staff and critical data, telecommunication systems and equipment.
Design: Two buildings with disparate functions and programing create an ensemble, in which an expanded field of potential experience is promoted. A monolithic, poured-in-place hardened concrete data center and a flexible, open steel frame office building, are positioned and shaped as sisters. Their reciprocal volumes respond dynamically to and measure each other. A third shape – an internal court – grounds their pairing.
Performance:  The data center provides 24-7 emergency operations for MDITS and has full redundancy for critical data processing, telecommunication systems and network operations. The complex is designed to meet or exceed FEMA and GSA data center and force protection guidelines. The data center building is designed with hardened construction and redundant enclosure, electrical and mechanical systems.   
The central plant, which includes HVAC systems, chillers, boilers, cooling towers, uninterrupted power systems, and generators, has redundant capacity and is located within the hardened enclosure.  
Materials and details ensure that the building is resilient, safe, and requires minimal maintenance.  It is designed to withstand F4 level tornadoes and hurricanes (200 mph winds). Data centers are large consumers of electricity. Strategies such as natural light harvesting in the office building and super efficient envelope systems of construction are employed, creating a highly efficient building. The internal heat load is reduced with the most efficient mechanical, plumbing and electrical systems.