Siquieros Mural

The Siqueiros Mural Canopy, viewing platform, and interpretive center is the culmination of a decade long effort to celebrate the work of David Alfaro Siqueiros. Siqueiros, part of a triumvirate of celebrated muralists from Mexico City, which included Orozco and Diego Rivera had come to work in Los Angeles for a couple of years. This work, his masterpiece in Los Angeles was so controversial that it was whitewashed over. The community, the City of Los Angeles, and the Getty Conservation Institute have been working for over two decades to restore and view the mural. Gwynne Pugh led the architectural team for fifteen years that resulted in the current structure, which protects the conserved mural. This required penetrating through historic structures from the Pueblo and avoiding a historic brick water main. The canopy is an elegant juxtaposition to the historic built environment of Olvera Street. In addition, a viewing platform located above an adjacent structure provides visual access to the mural. This project was completed in collaboration with IQ Magic, who installed an interpretive center in the Sepulveda House on the same block. Pugh + Scarpa project.
Los Angeles
Year of completion