New York City Fire Department, Rescue Company 3

This high performance, durable, well-organized, maintainable “machine” is one of five special operations rescue facilities in New York City. In addition to firefighting, these elite companies respond to more specialized emergency situations such as building collapses, subway emergencies and scuba operations and thus have special infrastructure and equipment storage requirements. All spaces in the building are strategically located in relations to the centrally placed Apparatus Rig, the most important element in the house. Responding to the restricted site, functions are stacked: physical work areas and storage occupy the ground and basement levels; rest, study and dining are at the second level; and training and fitness spaces are at the mezzanine level. The primary design elements of the building’s east façade are oversized FDNY-red apparatus doors, which express the building’s identity as a FDNY facility and create an open, yet secure street presence.